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Notice to Schools 9/2014 − 30 January 2014

AusVELS F–10 Curriculum in 2014

Principals/Directors and F–10 Teachers

Main Points

The AusVELS curriculum was released to Victorian schools in November 2011 for planning purposes.

Implementation of AusVELS began in 2013, when schools used the achievement standards for reporting to parents. The AusVELS curriculum currently incorporates the Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and History, with adjustments made where necessary to reflect Victorian priorities and standards.

The curriculum for Victorian government and Catholic schools in 2014 is the current AusVELS curriculum available on the VCAA AusVELS website.

The VCAA is currently reviewing the remaining Australian Curriculum learning areas and general capabilities to determine the extent to which they reflect Victorian priorities and standards. The second iteration of AusVELS will include the full suite of learning areas and general capabilities, incorporating the respective Australian Curriculum as appropriate, once they have been approved by the VCAA Board.

This process will also incorporate any changes to the current curriculum arising from the Commonwealth government’s review of the Australian Curriculum that are endorsed by Ministers for Education through the Standing Committee on School Education and Early Childhood. These changes may also include further or alternative amendments proposed to the Victorian Minister for Education by the VCAA Board.

At this stage, it is envisaged the second iteration of AusVELS will, subject to approval by the Minister for Education, be released early in Term 3, 2014 for the purpose of school curriculum planning. It is expected schools will begin to report against the new achievement standards in these additional learning areas and general capabilities from 2015.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • note and inform F–10 teachers.

Critical Dates


Additional Information

Any queries regarding AusVELS can be directed to:
Sharon Foster
Manager, AusVELS unit
(03) 9032 1680