Notice to Schools 60/2017 − 7 June 2017

VCAL certification at midyear

Principals/Directors, VASS Administrators and VCE, VCAL and VET Coordinators

Main Points

Students who have completed the requirements for the award of a VCAL by Friday 23 June 2017 have the opportunity to receive a VCAL certificate and Statement of Results in mid-July.

Schools should follow the VASS 'Mid-Year Reporting' procedures to identify eligible students for VCAL certification at midyear.

Schools are reminded that students who complete a VCAL certificate at midyear will not be eligible to complete the VCE in the same academic year. If there is a possibility that the students’ program may make them eligible for either senior secondary certificate, the student should be consulted to determine which certificate they wish to be awarded in 2017.

It should also be noted that any enrolments (VCE units, VCAL units and VET units of competency) that are undertaken by a student who successfully completes their VCAL cannot contribute to the award of a subsequent VCE.

Please refer to page 19 of the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook (pdf - 787.44kb) for the specific eligibility requirements and further information.

The VASS ‘Mid-Year Reporting’ function is not available after Friday 23 June 2017.  Schools only need to run the report if they are expecting students to satisfy the requirements at midyear.

Schools will receive all VCAL Certificates and Statement of Results by registered post in the first week of Term 3. These may be distributed to students at any time.

Students who receive a VCAL certificate at midyear will not receive another certificate (at the same level) in December 2017. They may receive an updated Statement of Results, or a VCAL certificate at a higher level, if they have qualified.

Enquiries about VCAL Certification at midyear should be directed to the Student Records & Results Unit on (03) 9032 1741 or email

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • ensure the VASS Mid-Year Reporting procedures are followed to identify eligible students for VCAL certification at midyear.

Critical Dates

Friday 23 June 2017 − VASS 'Mid-Year Reporting' function is available.

Additional Information

Schools should follow the procedures below to identify eligible students for VCAL certification at midyear. (Please disregard if students are not completing until the end of year.)

1. Enter available unit results including available VET units of competence on VASS no later than Friday 23 June:

  • VCE unit results are entered from Results Admin > VCE Results Entry > enter Unit code > Find > Modify Unit Results
  • VCAL unit results are entered from Results Admin > VCAL Results Entry > by certificate, class or student
  • VET Units of Competence/Modules are entered from Results Admin > VET in Schools Results Entry > by class − Unit of Competence or by student.

2. Run the VASS ‘Mid-Year Reporting’ function (Results Admin > VCAL Reports > Mid-Year Reporting) no later than Friday 23 June, and check that all students that you expect to satisfy at midyear have a status of ‘Pending’. Only those students listed as ‘Pending’ will receive a VCAL certificate and a Statement of Results in July 2017. 

If there are students who are not on the list, but they are expected to satisfy the requirements at midyear, please check their entered results and amend where necessary. The VASS ‘Mid-Year Reporting’ function may be run as many times as necessary.  

3. Once the report accurately lists the students the principal believes are eligible for certification, the report should be printed, endorsed and filed at the school. The VCAA may require submission of this document at a later time.