​Notice to Schools 82/2017 − 2 August 2017

VCE Theatre Studies – free educational resource

Principals/Directors, VCE Coordinators and Teachers of VCE Drama and VCE Theatre Studies

Main Points

Top Acts: Focus On … Theatre Studies Documentaries are now available.

The VCAA invites students and teachers to view the new short documentary series Top Acts: Focus On … Theatre Studies, exploring the theatre journeys of three 2017 VCE Theatre Studies students featured in Top Acts 2017 at the Melbourne Recital Centre. To view the films, visit the Top Acts page.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • let teachers of VCE Theatre Studies and Drama know that this new free resource is now available.

Critical Dates


Additional Information

In addition to Top Acts: Focus On … Theatre Studies , there are other free resources available on the Top Acts page, including:

  • Top Acts: Focus On … Drama 
  • Top Acts: Focus On … Music  
  • Top Acts: Focus On … Dance  (a free DVD resource).

Please email seasonofexcellence@edumail.vic.gov.au to obtain a copy for your school.