​Notice to Schools 95/2017 − 1 September 2017

VCAL Literacy and Numeracy Skills Strand Consultation

Principals/Directors, VCAL Coordinators, VCAL Teachers

Main Points

The VCAL Literacy and Numeracy Skills Strands have undergone extensive review including the development of two (2) new units of Numeracy in vocational contexts at Intermediate and Senior level.

The format of the Curriculum Planning Guide for these Strands and Units has also been revised and is now spilt into two (2) related documents:

  • an outline of the Strand and Unit information, including Unit purpose statements, learning outcomes and elements, and assessment requirements
  • an Advice for Teachers document, including VCAL policies, underpinning skills and knowledge, framework information and related support materials, including VCAL delivery principles, examples of assessment tasks and integrated activities for all outcomes as well as an updated resource list.

Consultation is only sought on the Strand and Unit information document.

A Summary of changes is included to highlight the differences between the current and the proposed new document.

More information about the consultation documents and details about the survey.

Action Required

Principals/Directors should:

  • direct VCAL stakeholders to read and consider the Strand and Unit information, and Summary of changes before completing the online survey questions.

Critical Dates

Friday 1 September – web consultation opens

Thursday 12 October – consultation closes

Additional Information