Early Years Exchange

No. 12 September 2013

Guest appearance

An interview with Professor Sue Dockett on educational transitions, with a focus on transition to school and the opportunities, entitlements, experiences and perceptions of all involved.

'The worldwide research tells us that a good start to school is a really important part of a person's life. It's a time when making a positive connection with school and with education can have long lasting effects.' (Professor Sue Dockett)

Transition to school is an important milestone for all children. It provides opportunities to develop and strengthen collaborative partnerships and professional conversations that contribute to positive transitions. Early childhood professionals can hear Australian early childhood education and teacher researcher Professor Sue Dockett talk about:

  • current research on transition to school
  • multidisciplinary collaboration across early childhood and the early years of primary school to support a continuum of learning.
  • supporting transitions for children and families with complex support needs.

This video clip can be used with other resources to support positive transitions for children:

Professor Sue Dockett's biography

Sue Dockett

Sue Dockett

Professor Sue Dockett has been actively involved in early childhood education as a teacher, academic and researcher for over more than 30 years. For the past 20 years, she has been involved in early childhood teacher education and research.

Much of Professor Dockett's current research agenda is focused on educational transitions, in particular transitions to school and the expectations, experiences and perceptions of all involved.

Together with Professor Bob Perry, Professor Dockett has undertaken extensive research around educational transitions. This research has been published widely, and has had substantial impact on the policy, practice and research.

Professor Dockett is currently engaged in national and international research projects which aim to promote a positive start to school for all children.

For further detail on Professor Sue Dockett's research go to: http://www.csu.edu.au/research/ripple/research-groups/etc

Video transcript (doc - 52.5kb)​​​​​​​

Part 1 - Professor Sue Dockett

Part 2 - Professor Sue Dockett