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​What, why and how? Pedagogy with very young children


This resource, developed by the VCAA in partnership with Anne Stonehouse, AM, consists of two sections and notes (pdf - 1.23mb) to support their use.

  • There’s a lot going on! Pedagogy with very young children provides an overview of elements of good quality practice in an education and care service with children aged around 14 months to almost three years.
  • Prompts for reflection is a collection of eight vignettes that focus on various aspects of an educator’s pedagogy.

The resource portrays very young children as capable, powerful, active contributors to their own and others’ experience, and as partners who have a right to exercise and strengthen their sense of agency.

The content complements the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework Practice Principles and Learning and Development Outcomes, and applies these to very young children.

The aim of this resource is to:

  • promote greater understanding of, and stronger support for, children’s learning in the birth-to-three-years period
  • deepen appreciation and regard for very young children’s capabilities and the implications for pedagogy
  • disrupt and challenge current practices.

Although the filming took place in an early childhood education and care service, the content and messages in the resource are relevant to other early childhood professionals, such as Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Supported Play Group Leaders and Early Childhood Intervention Specialists who work directly with families and children.