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Excellence & Awards

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) showcases excellent work through the VCE Season of Excellence. We also recognise student achievement through the VCE Achiever Awards and the VCAA Plain English Speaking Award, and we are involved in the Premier's VCE Award and the Australian Students Prize.

VCE Season of Excellence
The VCE Season of Excellence is an annual festival of works created by VCE students in technology, design, multimedia and the cinematic, visual and performing arts. Find out how you can take part in the Season, and where the current year's performances, screenings and exhibitions will be held.

VCE Leadership Awards
The VCE Leadership Awards recognise the efforts of VCE students in promoting community involvement in their local school and wider community. Find out how you can enter an award, and read about the monthly winners for the current VCE year.

VCAA Plain English Speaking Award
Plain English is the use of the right words, in the right way, to convey meaning in the clearest, simplest, shortest and most courteous way that is possible. Find out more about the award, and how you can take part.

VCAL Achievement Awards
The VCAL Achievement Awards acknowledge the achievements of VCAL students and the contributions of teachers and partner organisations to VCAL programs.

Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarships
Applications for these annual scholarships are invited from government school students of VCE Music. Find out about the scholarships and the application process.

Premier's VCE Awards
The Premier's VCE Awards are given to students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in the VCE. Find out about the Award categories and selection process.

John Button School Prize
This prize has been created by the John Button Foundation, both to encourage young Victorians to express their ideas about Australian politics and public policy and to honour the life and work of the late John Button.

40+ High Achievers
Congratulations to the students who have achieved a study score of 40 or more in a VCE study.