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Applications for Top Arts 2019 are closed.

For Top Arts application enquiries please contact the National Gallery of Victoria at

Photography tips for Top Arts applications

A successful application relies on you presenting the best possible image of your work. Initial selection is made from your photograph. A poor quality photograph limits your chance of selection. Please note the following recommendations for taking photographs.

  1. If one work is comprised of multiple pieces it is recommended that you photograph works individually as well as showing the work as a whole. Only one application form is required for this work.
  2. Place the work of art against a clean, one colour background, preferably a light coloured wall.
  3. Use the best camera available to you.
  4. Make sure the image is sharply focused and fills as much of the frame as possible.
  5. Don't take the photograph on an angle that distorts the image. Stand squarely in front of it.
  6. If a flash is used, beware of strong reflections caused by glass and other reflective surfaces. Photograph before framing if you can. Unframed works are acceptable.

Top Arts application process

The National Gallery of Victoria education team organise and facilitate panels of teachers from metropolitan and regional Government, Catholic and Independent Schools to view and shortlist Top Arts applications.

The State Reviewer for each subject oversees each panel, ensuring all work is considered fairly and represents best practice according to curriculum. The VCE Season of Excellence team have no input into which works are selected.

After all applications have been viewed and shortlisted, the selection panel meets one final time to select the final collection.

For all further enquiries regarding the Top Arts selection process, please contact the NGV directly at