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Applications for Top Screen 2019 are closed.

Selection criteria for selected works

Exhibits should be suitable for public exhibition and fit exhibition constraints including space and weight restrictions, and be suitable for display purposes in regards to fragility and power needs, and stable enough to be shown for duration of exhibition, for example works on paper allow mounting or framing.

Works that exceed size and weight restrictions, but otherwise fit the selection criteria, may still be considered for shortlisting and final selection. They will only be displayed if the student can supply photographs or a video of suitable quality to be displayed in the exhibition.

Works selected will need to be suitable for display using the infrastructure – technical and display furniture available from the VCAA and at the Melbourne Museum.

Works selected must:

  • achieve an A+ or A as determined by the school
  • meet all assessment criteria at a very high standard
  • are appropriate for public exhibition and reflect community standards
  • provide evidence of copyright clearance for all non-original material used
  • address the assessment criteria in innovative, individual ways
  • are accompanied by an exemplary Production Design
  • demonstrate individual and distinctive qualities
  • demonstrate technical excellence relative to their concepts and intentions

In regards to short films and multimedia, works are selected:

  • that demonstrate a range of genres, formats and content. For example: documentary, narrative, animation, music clips, web pages, games
  • taking into account that while some schools have far better technical facilities than others, it is the quality of the conceptual development and the production values within these restraints that are central to the selection process.

Top Screen application process

The VCE Season of Excellence team at the VCAA organises and facilitates a panel of Media teachers from metropolitan and regional Government, Catholic and Independent Schools to view and shortlist Top Screen applications.

The State Reviewer for Media oversees the panel, ensuring all work is considered fairly and represents best practice according to curriculum. The VCE Season of Excellence team and other VCAA staff members have no input into which films are selected.

After all applications have been viewed and shortlisted, the selection panel meets one final time to select the final program. Factors such as balance, length and copyright status can influence which films are included in the final selection.