VCAL Achievement Awards - recognising the achievements of VCAL students, teachers and partner organisations.

VCAL Achievement Awards

VCAL Chair’s Award

Sacred Heart College Geelong

One woman stands behind a lectern on the lower stage of an auditorium. She is clapping her hands towards two women and one man who are standing on the other side of the lower stage

Sacred Heart College Geelong representative Principal Anna Negro accepts the award for the VCAA Chair's Award

Sacred Heart College is recognised for their outstanding contribution to the VCAL program through their work developing and promoting the growth of the program since 2004. The VCAL program aligns with the College's philosophy of: empowering students, active engagement with the community and providing a voice for social justice.

Teaching the VCAL program at Sacred Heart College Geelong is inclusive and student-centred, resulting in deep engagement by students at all levels.They are recognised for designing highly creative VCAL learning programs. This has enabled them to develop expertise in a range of VCAL program designs, such as the social enterprise project in fair trade coffee called "One True Bean". 

The College has also been actively sharing good VCAL practices with other VCAL providers, as well as sharing the development of their integrated VCAL programs across all levels of the VCAL.

The success of the VCAL program at Sacred Heart College is due in no small part to a visionary, passionate and dedicated leadership team; coupled with a talented and committed teaching team.