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VCE frequently asked questions - teachers

Information for teachers about VCE

How can I find the current accreditation status of VCE studies?

The accreditation period for each VCE study is provided in its study design and on the study specific webpage, which you can access via the VCE Studies index page. Where an accreditation period has been extended, the revised date will be posted on the relevant VCE study page

A summary of the accreditation status of all VCE studies is also available in the VCAA Bulletin.

How can I obtain VCE Study Designs?

Study Designs for the current accreditation period of the VCE Study are available online from each of the VCE Study pages on this website.

Study Designs are no longer distributed in hard copy.

How can I obtain Assessment Handbooks for VCE studies?

For each new or revised VCE study from 2015, information that was formerly contained in a separate Assessment Handbook has been incorporated into a single Advice for Teachers publication. Studies accredited prior to 2015 have an Advice for Teachers publication and an Assessment Handbook. Advice for Teachers and Assessment Handbooks are available from the VCE Study pages

Visit the individual VCE Study pages to find recent updates to coursework material.

How can I obtain other VCE publications?

The VCAA publications Where To Now? and Return to Study are available in hard copy from:

Communications Unit
(03) 9032 1629 or 1800 134 197 (country callers)

Or read the publications online:

An online version of the latest VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook is also available.

I would like to become an exam marker/assessor. How can I apply?

The VCAA is now processing all sessional staff applications and appointments through our online Sessional Staff Management System (SSMS).

If you are not registered to use SSMS, you will need to register on the system. To do so, send an email to assessment.administration.vcaa@edumail.vic.gov.au to get a Logon ID and password.

What is statistical moderation of coursework?

Go to Statistical Moderation of Coursework

Can my school use VCAA material in our publications?

Teachers and schools can copy a limited amount of material free for education purposes only.

For other uses of the material (e.g. for commercial purposes), read the VCAA’s Copyright Policy.

To request permission to use VCAA material, complete the Copyright Request form (pdf - 138.48kb). A fee will usually apply for any commercial application

For further information contact:

VCAA Copyright Officer
(+61 3) 9032 1660
Fax: (+61 3) 9032 1799

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