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STEM resources

STEM education is a teaching and learning approach where the curriculum areas of Science, Technologies (Design and Technologies including the context of Engineering and Digital Technologies) and Mathematics are integrated, enabling a deeper engagement in each of the disciplines. STEM education aims to bring these curriculum areas together in an interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary manner enabling skills such as critical and creative thinking, ethical decision-making, collaboration and communication to be deployed in a rich and authentic manner.

Sample units of work

BandName of unitUnit descriptionApprox. delivery time
Levels F-2 Robot basics (docx - 922.34kb)

The learning sequence is aimed at Levels F-2 and addresses content from Digital Technologies and Mathematics. The learning sequence explains how to teach basic directional language using a simple robot, and provides opportunities for students to design a simple sequence of steps (algorithm) to program a robot which will solve the problem.

3 x 1 hour sessions approximately

Levels 3-4 Creating nesting boxes​ (docx - 207.81kb)

​The learning sequence is aimed at Levels 3-4  and addresses content from Design and Technologies, Science and Mathematics. The learning sequence explains how to teach the design processes to students who create environments for the needs of Australian animals.

​8 x 1 hour sessions approximately

Levels 3-4 Design a robot chariot (docx - 1.23mb) The learning sequence has been designed for Levels 3-4 and addresses content from the Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies and Mathematics curriculums. The learning sequence explains how to teach the design processes to create a chariot and program a Sphero robot to compete in a race.

Approximately 10 hours

Unpacking content descriptions

The following materials are designed to assist teachers to become more familiar with the curriculum by ‘unpacking’ the content descriptions from two learning areas, and providing ideas for sample activities that integrate both learning areas.

When curriculum planning, one of the most important aspects for teachers is to connect the intention of the lesson/s with the appropriate content descriptions and to enable students to demonstrate progress in their learning based upon the achievement standards.

This package of resources includes:

  • a suggested  focus for lessons, with examples of what learning may focus on
  • sample activities that integrate the two learning areas.

These resources cover a selection of the content descriptions from each band, not all the content descriptions. These resources represent a sample of combinations of learning areas, not all possible combinations.

​YR/LvLUnpacking the Content Descriptions​
F-2 F-2_Unpacking_the_content_descriptions_STEM (docx - 167.8kb)
3-4 3-4_Unpacking_the_content_descriptions_STEM (docx - 165.81kb)
5-6 5-6_Unpacking_the_content_descriptions_STEM (docx - 165.43kb)
7-8 7-8_Unpacking_the_content_descriptions_STEM (docx - 170.48kb)
9-10 9-10_Unpacking_the_content_descriptions_STEM (docx - 162.82kb)