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External resources

The inclusion of the following links is for teacher reference purposes and does not constitute VCAA endorsement of the views and/or materials contained on these sites.

Centre for Real-World Learning (The University of Winchester)

The Centre for Real World Learning focuses on approaches to teaching and learning that impact the development of positive learning dispositions in learners. The site provides links to all its published documents, team members, and ways to get in touch. ‘Progression in Creativity: Developing new forms of assessment’ – an OECD paper by Bill Lucas et al is available here

Expansive Education Network 

The Expansive Education Network is a group of organisations, universities, schools, colleges, and individual teachers whose approach to teaching and learning develops life-long learners. 

Project Zero (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Project Zero includes investigations applicable to education into the nature of intelligence, understanding, thinking, creativity, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural thinking, and ethics. 

Visible Learning

This website brings together the freely available online resources related to John Hattie’s Visible Learning research (videos, research papers, books and news articles), to enable a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. Visible Learning plus is a professional development program for teachers that explores how evidence can be used to create innovation in the learning environment.This program is focused on John Hattie’s research and the principles of Visible Learning and visible teaching.


Links to other supporting papers and articles which may assist understanding of Critical and Creative Thinking can be found in the following document:

Critical and Creative Thinking additional resources (pdf - 138.23kb)