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Civic Participation Resources

Civic participation involves the active engagement of students with their communities by connecting classroom learning with community issues and needs. Through the explicit teaching of the Victorian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship students develop the knowledge and understanding of their political and legal systems and the values which underpin a democratic society to become informed and active citizens. This allows students to identify ways that they can participate in society; engage with the values of Australian democracy; identify issues and challenges that affect their community and how to design a plan of action in response. 

Sample units of work

Band​Name of UnitUnit descriptionApprox. delivery time
3 - 4
I_belong_and_can_make_a_difference_3-4 (docx - 202.08kb)

​This unit of work develops understanding of the concept of belonging and the role they and others can play in their communities through volunteering.

​4 x 60 Mins

​3 - 4

 Who makes rules?

Resource available soon

This unit of work will explain the importance of rules and laws and explain their difference. This unit will examine how laws can be changed to improve the local community.

​4 x 60 mins

​5 - 6
Australian_Citizenship_Rights_Responsibilities (docx - 183.24kb)

​This unit of work investigates the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens. Also this unit focus on designing an action plan which will enable students to make a difference in the civic life of the community.

​7 x 60 mins

5 - 6
Making and Enforcing Laws   (docx - 169.68kb)

This unit of work will explain how laws are made and enforced and investigate how civic participation can influence and shape the development of laws in response to community issues.

8 x 60 mins

​7 - 8

 Who are we?

Resource available soon

​This unit of work will examine different perspectives about Australian identity and values and analyse how this can shape a sense of belonging and the factors that contribute to this within a local community.

​7 x 70 mins

​7 - 8
Justice_for_All_Justice_and_Law_in_Australia-7-8 (docx - 181.47kb)

​This unit of work will analyse the concept of justice and explain its application in Australia.

​6 x 70 mins

9 - 10
Are_we_good_global_citizens_9-10 (docx - 152.95kb)

​This unit of work will evaluate the role Australia collectively and individually plays in being a good global citizen by identify issues that affect Australia’s reputation.

​8 x 60 mins

9 - 10
Party Time: Who influences my vote? (docx - 187.92kb)

This unit of work will explain how civic participation and citizens political choices can shape and are shaped by political parties and the media.

12 x 50 mins