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Drama: Introducing the curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum Arts includes six disciplines: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (7-10). Each Arts discipline in the Victorian Curriculum has content descriptions and achievement standards, focusing on its own practices, terminology and unique ways of looking at the world.

Learning in Drama involves students making, performing, analysing and responding to drama. As they learn students draw on human experience as a source of ideas. Students engage with the knowledge of drama, develop skills, applying techniques and processes and using materials and technologies to explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.

Through Drama, students learn to reflect critically on their own experiences and responses and further their own aesthetic knowledge and preferences. They learn with growing sophistication to express and communicate experiences through and about drama. 

The Victorian Curriculum Arts is based on two overarching principles, students learn as artist and as audience, and through making and responding. A four strand structure has been applied to each of the Arts disciplines. For Drama the four strands are Explore and Express Ideas, Practices, Present and Perform, and Respond and Interpret.

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A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the Drama curriculum is available:

Introducing Drama​ (pptx - 313.38kb)


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