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Introducing the curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum Geography is structured in two strands: Geographical concepts and skills and Geographical knowledge. There are sub-strands within each strand. The Geography curriculum covers levels F-10. 

There are seven concepts that underpin the Victorian Curriculum Geography, these being place, space, interconnection, scale, change, environment and sustainability. These concepts are developed through both strands and related sub-strands. The nine spatial concepts featured in AusVELS Geography are subsidiaries of the higher level spatial concepts included in the Victorian Curriculum. A key difference is that the Victorian Curriculum Geography introduces and applies all concepts, including spatial concepts, by the end of the Levels 5-6.

To view the Geography curriculum, please visit the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website.


A Powerpoint Presentation outlining the key components of the Geography curriculum is available:

Introducing Geography (pptx - 356.85kb)

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