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Introducing the curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum History is organised into two strands: Historical Concepts and Skills and Historical Knowledge. The underpinning concepts and skills of sequencing chronology, using historical sources as evidence, identifying continuity and change, analysing causes and effect and determining historical significance are explicit in this structure. 

The AusVELS Historical Skills of chronology, terms and concepts; historical questions and research; the analysis and use of sources; perspectives and interpretations; explanation and communication have been refined and clarified in the Victorian Curriculum to remove duplication and specifying a pedagogical approach. For example, the skill of asking questions is not unique to History and within the Victorian Curriculum structure this is located in the Critical and Creative Thinking capability, stated once and then applied within and through relevant learning areas. 

The terms 'Overviews' and 'Depth Studies' used in AusVELS History Levels 7-10 has been removed n the Victorian Curriculum. The content from Overviews has been embedded in the Victorian Curriculum concepts and skills strand and can be applied more strategically. The content from the Depth Studies has been reconfigured in the Victorian Curriculum as sub-strands articulating the common concepts and how these can be applied to a range of contexts. A new Level 7-8 study Aboriginal and Torres Strait and Islander Peoples and Cultures has been created in the Victorian Curriculum History.

The Victorian Curriculum History is structured in bands rather than the 11 levels in AusVELS History. This is designed to give schools more flexibility in developing teaching and learning programs. Victorian Curriculum History will also look different as the Historical Concepts and Skills strand is shown as the first strand. 

Reporting progress in History

These changes do cause a break in reporting data and student progress as the teaching program moves from AusVELS History to the Victorian Curriculum F–10 History.

To view the History curriculum, please visit the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website.


A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the History curriculum is available:

Introducing History (pptx - 375.58kb)

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