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Mathematics Sample Program

A set of sample programs covering the Victorian Curriculum Mathematics: Foundation – Level 10 have been developed as examples to illustrate how the Mathematics curriculum could be organised into yearly teaching and learning programs based on a selection and sequence of topics covering the three strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

When the year-long sample teaching and learning programs are combined, you then have a Mathematics curriculum area plan, demonstrating the sequencing of knowledge and skills to progress learning across the years of schooling.

Teachers are advised that while these sample programs provide comprehensive coverage of content descriptions from the three strands of the Mathematics curriculum and are sequenced to develop knowledge and skills expressed in the achievement standards; there are other ways that the curriculum content can be arranged to suit the learning needs of students.

These sample programs could be used:

  • to review an existing teaching and learning program
  • to develop an alternative program using these structural headings (a unit plan/topic template is provided to support this process)
  • to explore the sequencing of topics and the associated knowledge and skills in a semester or whole-year program
  • as a source of ideas for context/topics, activities and assessment
  • as the basis for a comprehensive teaching and learning program
  • to explore the development of a curriculum area plan that articulates a sequential and cumulative design to progress student learning and reduce unnecessary repetition or gaps across years of schooling.

The sample programs are not intended as a prescribed or preferred topics for inclusion in a yearly teaching and learning program or curriculum area plan.

Further information about the essential elements to incorporate when developing units of work and curriculum area plans, can be accessed from the Curriculum Planning Portal.