Specialist Teachers 2017–2018

Call for applications

Teachers in government, Catholic and independent schools are strongly encouraged to apply for Specialist Teacher roles with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).


Background information

In 2015 the Minister for Education launched the Victorian Curriculum F-10 as one of the Education State initiatives. As part of the Education State support for implementation of the new curriculum, professional learning programs for teachers are being provided in a range of priority areas. The professional learning programs for teachers in the priority areas are facilitated by Specialist Teachers.

A number of Specialist Teachers have been appointed as a result of previous application processes.


Position details

Specialist Teacher role responsibilities

Specialist Teachers will:

  • design, develop, facilitate and lead professional learning programs in specialist areas, including the provision of advisory support to teachers and schools in a range of modes (face-to-face workshop sessions, attendance at network and seminar programs, online webinars and Polycom sessions, phone, Skype,) and develop high quality resources for use by teachers.

The Specialist Teacher is provided with significant professional development and learning opportunities to extend their professional knowledge and skills, enhance their experience in the facilitation and delivery of professional learning, provide support to primary, secondary and special schools for curriculum planning and implementation, and play a key role in the effective implementation of an important Education State initiative.  Undertaking the Specialist Teacher role is a significant career broadening opportunity.

Specialist Teachers will be supported through:

  • Training by and regular communication with VCAA curriculum staff
  • A team-based approach to the delivery of curriculum support in each specialist area.

Employment conditions

Specialist teachers will continue to be employed by the Department of Education and Training or, in the case of teachers in catholic and independent schools, their relevant employer, and maintain their current terms and conditions of employment.

Time fraction0.5 EFT VCAA role, 0.5 school role
Position locationSpecialist teachers will work from the school where they are currently employed, but will be required to travel to atend monthly training sessions and facilitate professional learning in other locations.
Travel and accommodation costsCosts for travel and overnight accommodation expenses incurred through the role will be reimbursed by the VCAA

Applications are sought for five priority areas

Applications for five areas are now sought from teachers/school leaders in government, Catholic and independent schools who are interested in undertaking a Specialist Teacher role, commencing from Term 3 2017 and concluding on July 15 2018.

The five areas are:

Critical thinking

This role will support teachers and schools to develop explicit and intentional teaching and learning programs based on the Critical and Creative Thinking capability.

Primary and secondary teachers who might not normally self-identify as 'experts' in this area, but who have taught critical thinking strategies, are strongly encouraged to apply, and will receive training and support to ensure that they are equipped to facilitate professional learning for their peers.

Digital coding

Knowledge and skills about coding have been incorporated in the new Digital Technologies curriculum and the Mathematics curriculum. This role will support teachers to develop effective teaching and learning programs based on the new elements of these curricula.

Secondary teachers with experience in computational thinking, including coding, are strongly encouraged to apply for this area.

Health Education, and Personal and Social Capability, including respectful relationships

This role will support teachers and schools to develop new teaching and learning programs focused on the development of respectful relationships based on the Health and Physical Education learning area and the Personal and Social Capability.

Literacy in the Early Years

This role will support teachers and schools to develop effective literacy programs in the first three years of primary school.


This role will support schools to develop innovative integrated teaching and learning programs with a particular focus on the STEM elements of the Victorian Curriculum.

What applicants need to do

Specialist Teacher key selection criteria

Your application should directly and comprehensively address each of the following criteria.

  1. Demonstrated detailed knowledge and expertise in the specific Victorian Curriculum F-10  learning areas and/or capability.
  2. Demonstrated successful experience and skills in the development, writing, use and evaluation of teaching and learning resources.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and use of a range of effective professional learning strategies.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge and use of highly effective communication skills including writing, speaking and listening, presentation, facilitation, interpersonal, adapted for different audiences and settings.

Advice for responding to the key selection criteria

In responding to the criteria it is important that:

  • sufficient evidence is provided for each of the criteria in order to demonstrate how the elements of the criteria are satisfied;
  •  knowledge, experience and skills are explicitly identified.  (A series of roles undertaken or positions held do not of themselves indicate these things);
  • the response to the communication skills criterion addresses each of the various components of communication;
  • all elements of the criteria are addressed.

Advice for previous applicants (from the second round, March 2016)

As the key selection critiera have changed from previous rounds, any previous applicants will need to submit a fresh application.

Prepare and submit:

Intending applicants should:

  • complete the Application Form (docx - 34.65kb)
  • prepare written responses to each of the above key selection criteria;
  • prepare a Currriculum Vitae;
  • list two referees, one of whom must be your current principal – their phone and email contact details, and a brief reference about how the referee knows of your work;
  • obtain your principal's support and written endorsement by completing Principal Endorsment (docx - 30.55kb)

Submit all documents to:

Alan McLean, Senior Manager, Curriculum Division, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

Closing date: Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Enquiries about the Specialist Teacher role can be directed to:

Alan McLean
Senior Manager, Curriculum Division, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)
(03) 9032 1732