Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS)

Using VASS

Getting started on VASS

Access is only available for authorised VASS users. On-line help is also available once users have logged onto VASS.

Changes for Assessing Schools

Assessing schools, such as Single Study LOTE providers and the Victorian School of Languages (VSL), now have the ability to enrol students in units they are assessing providing the students student number is known. However, this should not be done without the home school being consulted as the home school is still responsible for the student's program.

Regardless of who enrols the student, the assessing school needs to complete the enrolment by allocating the student to a class. Failure to do so will result in assessing schools not being able to enter results.


The privacy of students' data is of paramount importance.

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Who can use VASS at school?

There are six types of school based VASS users:

  • VASS Administrator (VA)
    users with this access level have complete system control for their school.
  • VASS Teacher (Unrestricted) (TE)
    users with this access level can enter results for any class and produce certain reports.
  • VASS Teacher (Restricted) (TR)
    users with this access level can enter results for their own classes and produce certain reports for their own classes.
  • Clerical (CL)
    users with this access level can add/modify student personal details, set up the school program for VCE, VET and VCAL, enrol students in VCE, VET and VCAL, enter results for any class and produce certain types of reports.
  • School Statistics and Results Group (SSRG)
    users with this access level have access to the school statistics, VCE Data Service and results report screens. This user group is suitable for Principals etc wishing to access final results.
  • School VET Group (VETFE)
    users with this access level have access to the school VET certificate and class setup functions, VET enrolments and results entry and VET report screens.

The VCAA assigns logon ID and passwords to VASS Administrators for each school upon the authority of the school principal. Schools cannot set up their own VASS Administrators, but can create VASS Teacher, Clerical, School Statistics and Results Group and School VET users if they wish to do so using the menu System Admin → Add User.

Each school based user has their own username, password and a passcode which is required at each subsequent login to VASS.

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What data can I see?

The system has been designed so that a school can only access the details of their own students. A student is deemed to belong to a school if the:

  • school is their home school
  • student is being assessed in at least one unit by the school.

An assessing school which is not the home school may view a student's personal details, enrolments and results only in the units they are assessing.

Matching students with their previous results

Because VASS Administrators are now able to access the one central database, schools are now able to match a new student with any previous VCE results that the student may have achieved at any school in any previous year.

A check is made for every new student entered on VASS to determine if they have previous VCE results. If a match is found, the student is given their previous student number, and their previous results and enrolments for the current year are combined to make up a complete single academic history for the student.

However, to do this the names and birth dates entered for the student must be accurate. Slight differences in the spelling of either the first name or the family name or an error in the date of birth may mean that partial academic records are not combined. This may lead to the student not being awarded the VCE.

Importing Data into VASS

Schools may have data on student management systems such as CASES/CASES21 or MAZE and/or time tabling packages such as the Timetabler, FirstClass or TimeChart. This data may be extracted and with some modification used to create files suitable for importing into VASS.

The data import functions are generally used in preparation for the start of the new school year, either, late in the current year or early in the new school year. Alternatively, data may be imported in the middle of the year for enrolments in semester two.

Schools are able to only import Student Personal Details and Student Programs into VASS. Use of these two functions allows multiple records to be entered into VASS at the same time and provides an alternative to manually keying in all the required data. It is critical that the data format meets the required field specifications as published in the Importing data into VASS document available as a download from VASS. Further information regarding importing data may be found on the VASS Help screens.

The import functions can only be used to create a new student record for a year - either personal details or programs. The import functions cannot be used to amend existing student records in a year. However, in creating new student records for a year it can be used to update the student personal details that have changed since the last enrolment year.

The ability to import student personal details and student programs is controlled by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority cut off dates.

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Exporting Data out of VASS

Schools are able to export data out of VASS as a pipe delimited text file which may then be opened in MS Excel. Data which can be exported include:

  • Student Personal Details
  • End of Unit Results
  • Personal Details Summary
  • School Program Summary
  • GAT Candidates
  • Student Level Program by Block
  • VET Certificate Enrolment Lists
  • VCE Graded Assessment Results Report
  • VET Results/Input Sheets by Student
  • Class Lists.

Further information regarding exporting data may be found on the VASS Help screens.

VCE Data Service – Reporting

The VCE Data Service (VCEDS) provides schools with very detailed reports on the VCE results for the current year and longitudinally since 1998. It provides schools with a range of different reports-styles covering all studies, individual studies, adjusted scores, GAT scores and student results.


A number of important documents and files are available for download including final VCE, VET, VCAL and GAT results, Performance examination information and forms, On Track student data.

VASS New Users Manual

The VASS New Users Manual provides users with information regarding procedures, processes and functions for the management of VCE, VET and VCAL on their VASS database.

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Help on VASS

The function of every VASS screen is described by clicking on the Help menu on that screen.