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Summary Schedule of Fees and Charges

Summary Schedule

All fees and charges are GST-free unless shown otherwise.

* Including GST


Full-fee-paying overseas students

Full-fee-paying overseas students are those students seeking to enrol in the VCE who are not Australian citizens, who do not have permanent or temporary resident status, and who are not in a recognised overseas exchange program.

Such students need an appropriate Student Visa from the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. (Note: this link takes you out of the VCAA site to a site not maintained or funded by the VCAA.)

In addition to the VCE administration fee, overseas students studying at Victorian Government schools on student visas are required to pay tuition fees. The Department of Education, Employment and Training is responsible for the approval of enrolments in Government schools and the collection of tuition fees.

The VCE administration fee is dependent on the number and level of unit enrolments.

  • Units 1 and 2 only-up to three units - $72.30
  • Units 1 and 2 only-four or more units - $216.65
  • One Unit 3 and 4 sequence with any number of Units 1 and 2 - $303.65
  • Two or more Unit 3 and 4 sequences - $446.95

Overseas students wishing to undertake VCE studies must indicate their status when completing their VCE Student Personal Details form.