Anomalous Examination Grades

Identifying Anomalous Examination Grades

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) applies a number of safeguards to check the quality of the marking of VCE examinations. One of these is identifying students whose examination results are anomalous, or unexpected and reviewing them. The Chief Assessor reviews scores identified as anomalous.

In addition to the check against the GAT and the Indicative Grade, a student's assessment is reviewed if it is lower than expected from the results of any other examination in the same study.

In each case the differences must be statistically significant and with respect to the Indicative Grade check the difference must be the equivalent of at least two grades in magnitude (provided the school’s indicative grades are statistically reliable).

For Dance, Drama and Theatre Studies the review of anomalous examination grades does not apply to the performance examinations, as students' performances are not recorded. Instead, a panel of three assessors is used to independently assess each student's performance.

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