​​Yiddish – Exams and Examination Reports


Exam Specifications and Advice

Refer to the VCAA Bulletin VCE, VCAL and VET No. 102 (pdf - 1.81mb), February 2013, page 7 for details of the examination specifications and to the VCAA Bulletin No. 4 (pdf - 332.62kb), November 2015, page 13 for the 2015 update.

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Past Exams and Examination Reports

Past exams are made available after any copyright issues are finalised. Examination Reports are prepared by the Chief Assessor and provide feedback on student performance in past examinations. Examination Reports for written exams contain some answers.

Current Study Design

The following exams relate to the current study design.

YearPast Exam PapersExamination Reports
2017 Exam (pdf - 273.95kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 7.69mb)
Oral exam (pdf - 3.05mb)
Written exam (pdf - 372.71kb)
2016 Exam (pdf - 285.95kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 8.52mb)
Oral Exam (pdf - 2.43mb)
Written Exam (pdf - 300.24kb)
2015 Exam (pdf - 714.72kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 6.95mb)
Oral Exam (pdf - 3.5mb)
Written Exam (pdf - 69.55kb)
2014 Exam (pdf - 271.1kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 6.67mb)
Oral Exam  (pdf - 4.44mb)
Written Exam (pdf - 256.24kb)
2013 Exam (pdf - 511.57kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 3.39mb)
Oral Exam
Written Exam (pdf - 213.56kb) 
2012 Exam (pdf - 209.25kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 3.55mb)
Oral Exam  (pdf - 148.86kb)
Written Exam (pdf - 255.68kb)
2011 Exam (pdf - 226.38kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 3.54mb)
Oral Exam (pdf - 150.55kb)
Written Exam (pdf - 239kb)
2010 Exam (pdf - 141.09kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 3.62mb)
Oral Exam (pdf - 24.81kb)
Written Exam (pdf - 45.27kb)
2009 Exam (pdf - 129.79kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 3.27mb)
Exam (pdf - 39.79kb)
2008 Exam (pdf - 318.67kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 3.63mb)
Exam (pdf - 39.06kb)
2007 Exam (pdf - 223.58kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 3.42mb)
Exam (pdf - 51.85kb)
2006 Exam (pdf - 265.56kb)
Audio zip file (zip - 1.66mb)
Exam (pdf - 32.09kb)


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Other Information for VCE Yiddish

Curriculum materials relating to VCE Yiddish.

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