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VCE VET Civil Infrastructure

The VCE VET Civil Infrastructure program has been developed to prepare graduates with the skills and knowledge for entry into one of the various sectors of the Resources and Infrastructure Industry.

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  • RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction aims to provide learners with basic industry specific skills and knowledge to enable transition into an apprenticeship or traineeship within the resources and infrastructure industries at the certificate III level. This qualification consists of a core of common cross sector units of competency that provide skills and knowledge in carrying out basic measurements and calculations, communicating in the workplace, carrying out manual excavations, interpreting basic plans and drawings, controlling traffic, operating small plant and equipment, and workplace safety practices onsite. The course also includes a range of units that introduce the learner to the application of specific materials, tools and equipment, and techniques used in in road Infrastructure, water infrastructure, plant operations and civil operations.

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Credit in the VCE or VCAL

  • RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction : recognition of up to three units at Units 1 and 2 level and a Units 3 and 4 sequence.

ATAR Contribution

Students who receive a Units 3 and 4 sequence for VCE VET Civil Infrastructure will be eligible for an increment towards their ATAR (10% of the fourth study score from the primary four scaled studies).

The increment is awarded by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Further information can be found on the VTAC website: www.vtac.edu.au

The VCE VET Civil Infrastructure program does not offer scored assessment.

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Program information

Program updates and further information

Continuous improvement: During the life of qualification/s there may be occasions when changes are made to reflect feedback from users or to include the latest industry practices. This process is called continuous improvement. When continuous improvement impacts on the VCE VET Civil Infrastructure program, advice will be published in the VCAA Bulletin and notification provided on the VCAA website Please visit the VCAA Bulletin subscription webpage

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Construction Induction Card

The unit CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry is recognised by Work Safe Victoria for the registration of construction workers for occupational health and safety induction, and is a WorkSafe requirement for students entering a construction site. The Certificate II in Civil Construction does not include this unit.  However, training providers are encouraged to provide the training enabling the CI Card to be issued prior to any Structured Workplace Learning. The unit has been included in the program as an additional elective.

Any person on a construction site needs a construction induction card. This includes all work experience or structured workplace learning students. Construction induction cards issued in other states and territories are recognised in Victoria. The major requirement is that at the time of the training the student would normally have resided in the state or territory of issue.