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Past professional learning materials

These recordings of past professional learning webinars are designed to provide teachers with guidance and information to assist with implementing the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

Introducing the Victorian Curriculum F–10

Introducing the Victorian Curriculum F-10

This webinar series provides an overview of how to implement the Victorian Curriculum F–10 in primary and secondary school settings. Each webinar covers a specific curriculum area, starting with its’ aims, how it is structured, where to find both curriculum documentation and support resources, and how to assess against the achievement standards.

Recordings of these webinars are now available.

Aboriginal perspectives

Making Visible: Aboriginal perspectives in the Victorian Curriculum F–10

The VCAA recently ran a series of webinars titled 'Making Visible: Aboriginal perspectives in the Victorian Curriculum F-10'. Partnering with key stakeholders, the VCAA's aim was to provide teachers and the Koorie Education Workforce with a comprehensive program of professional learning webinars that covered how teachers could incorporate Aboriginal perspectives across different curriculum areas in both primary and secondary school settings. Advice was also included about working with policies, protocols and the teaching about the perspectives of the history and cultures of the First Nation peoples in a localised and Victorian context, plus each webinar provided useful resources to assist classroom implementation.

Recordings of these webinars are now available.

Bushfire Education

Bushfire Education

The VCAA provides bushfire education resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F–10. These resources are based on the four themes of learning about, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from bushfires, to better prepare all young Australians for the challenges of living in a country that regularly experiences bushfires.

Webinars were held to introduce teachers to these resources and to show teachers how they can implement elements of the F–8 Geography and Science curriculums using the VCAA Bushfire Education website.

Recordings of these webinars are now available.


Implementing the Victorian Curriculum: F–10 Capabilities

The VCAA hosted a series of webinars to assist teachers to build capacity to link Learning Areas and the Capabilities at the classroom and whole school level.

Recordings of these webinars are now available.

Design and Technologies

Linking the Design and Technologies curriculum to Royal Melbourne Show exhibits

Hosted by Leanne Compton, VCAA Curriculum Manager for Design and Technologies, this webinar focuses on how to use the Victorian Curriculum F–10 to encourage students to exhibit works in the Royal Melbourne Show’s Art, Craft and Cookery Competition.

Leanne is joined by Katrina Wheaton-Penniall from Genazzano FCJ College and Catherine Shelley from the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria.

Recording of this webinar now available.

English as an Additional Language

Transitioning to the new EAL curriculum

To assist teachers to transition to the new EAL curriculum, the VCAA recently ran a comprehensive program of professional learning webinars.

Recordings of these webinars and additional resources to assist teachers with the implementation of the curriculum in 2021 are now available.


Digital Language Assessments

To support teachers implementing the Victorian Curriculum F–10 Languages curriculum, the VCAA in collaboration with the Australian Council for Educational Research, has developed a suite of digital Language Assessments in the following eight languages: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek and Spanish. These assessments are available to all Victorian schools at no cost.

The VCAA recently ran a series of professional learning webinars, to provide teachers with an understanding of the digital Language Assessments and how they can be used to better target an individual student's learning needs.

Recordings of these webinars are now available.


Computational Thinking and frequently asked questions in F–10 Mathematics

Dianna Chapman, the VCAA’s Curriculum Manager for Mathematics, presents ‘Computational Thinking in F–10’ Mathematics, and answers your most common F–10 Mathematics questions.

Recordings of these webinars are now available.


Presentations and recordings are © Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) [2020], provided by the Victorian Curriculum F–10 unit to support teacher professional development. 'VCE' and the VCAA logo are registered trademarks of the VCAA. These materials are made available as free teacher resources, intended for non-commercial use only, and may only be reproduced in accordance with the VCAA Copyright Policy or otherwise in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968. Third parties may own rights in some of the content featured and some opinions presented may not represent the views of the VCAA.