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NAPLAN test dates

From 2023, NAPLAN will be held earlier in the year to give teachers and parents important information about a student's skills and capability sooner, so that more targeted support can be delivered to improve literacy and numeracy skills throughout the year.

In 2023, NAPLAN will be held during Term 1 from Wednesday 15 March to Monday 27 March.

The full 2023 test timetable and sequence can be viewed on the ACARA website.

Future NAPLAN dates are avalaible at ACARA NAP website.

It is important to note that with this change to the NAPLAN test timetable there may be some clashes with the new test dates. We urge you to plan ahead to ensure that the NAPLAN tests can be successfully conducted between the new specified times in 2023. This includes purchasing devices (which will need to be actioned before the end of this school year) and planning your school resources to accommodate the revised test dates.

A detailed test timetable and key dates have been provided below.

Test timetable for NAPLAN 2023

Year 3Years 5, 7, 9
Week 1Monday 13
Tuesday 14
Preparation only – NO tests permitted
Day 1
Wednesday 15
Writing (paper)Writing
Day 2
Thursday 16

Catch-up tests
(Only to be used when technical/logistical issues prevent testing on Day 1)


Catch-up tests
Day 3
Friday 17

Catch-up tests

Catch-up tests
Week 2
Day 4
Monday 20


Catch-up tests
(Year 3 writing catch-up tests must be completed by this day)

Catch-up tests
Day 5
Tuesday 21

Follow test sequence:
Reading → Conventions of language → Numeracy

Catch-up tests permitted

(Except Year 3 writing)
Day 6
Wednesday 22

Day 7
Thursday 23

Day 8
Friday 24

Week 3
Day 9
Monday 27

Tuesday 28

Friday 31
The rest of this week may ONLY be used for testing with written permission from the relevant TAA

Key dates for NAPLAN 2023

NAPLAN TaskDates
Submit student enrolment to the VCAA (independent schools only) **Monday 14 November 2022 - Friday 10 February 2023
Nominate key staff including a NAPLAN coordinator **Monday 14 November 2022 - Friday 10 February 2023
Submit a completed Statement of Compliance **Monday 14 November 2022 - Friday 10 February 2023
Submit applications for alternative test formats **Monday 14 November - Thursday 8 December 2022
Complete a Technical Readiness Check (TRC) **Monday 14 November 2022 - Friday 3 March 2023
Submit a NAPLAN test schedule **Monday 14 November 2022 - Friday 3 March 2023
Download and install the latest Locked Down Browser on all student devicesFrom Wednesday 30 November 2022
Receipt of the Principals package, including grid cards and test administration handbooksFrom Monday 30 January 2023
NAPLAN training environment open to conduct practice tests as required for student familiarisationFrom Monday 30 January 2023
Registration on the Online National Assessment Platform (assessform)From Friday 13 February 2023
Student data available on assessformFrom Monday 6 March 2023
Submit applications for disability adjustments requiring VCAA approval **Monday 14 November 2022 - Wednesday 8 March 2023
NAPLAN test windowWednesday 15 March - Monday 27 March 2023
Test security period endsFriday 31 March 2023

** Activities to be completed via the NAPLAN Test Administration Website.