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Northern Hemisphere VCE examination timetable

VCAA rules for the conduct of VCE external assessments

All students must read the VCAA rules for VCE examinations. It is also their responsibility to be familiar with authorised materials and equipment for use in the GAT and VCE written examinations.

Important information

  • Students should check the starting time of each examination and arrive at least 30 minutes earlier, and be familiar with rules about late admission to examinations.
  • The reading period is included in the times shown in the timetable. Each examination commences with a 15-minute reading period unless otherwise specified.
  • All written responses must be in English, unless otherwise instructed in the question book for that particular examination.
  • If students are presenting for Chinese First Language examination oral component they will be issued with individual examination advice slips. Photo identification and examination advice slips must be presented for entry to their assessment.
  • Students completing one or more VCE Unit 3-4 sequences on the Northern Hemisphere timetable will be required to sit the GAT on Wednesday 12 June 2019.

2020 NHT VCE examination timetable  

The 2020 NHT VCE examination timetable will be published in March 2020.