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All schools intending to deliver senior and foundation secondary courses must comply with the associated minimum standards for registration and the conditions set by the VCAA (Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017, Schedule 8).


Permission to deliver VCE studies and/or VPC studies

The VCAA permits schools to deliver the VCE on a year-by-year basis for the first three years of VCE delivery. This does not apply to VCE VM studies. Schools are not granted open access to enrol in all VCE studies on VASS until it is evident they can capably deliver the VCE as a full qualification. Generally, this occurs after the third year of the process.

Schools seeking permission to deliver VCE VM studies and/or VPC studies are permitted once for the duration of their registration. However, schools seeking to deliver additional VCE VM studies and/or VPC studies must apply for each unit they wish to add as an expansion to the scope of their delivery.

Government schools

Must contact the School Registration Unit at Department of Education (DE) before commencing their registration.

DE will advise schools of the VRQA and VCAA timelines and processes.

DE will support schools to complete their VRQA and VCAA applications.

Their email address is

From 2024, all government school applications for permission to deliver VCE studies and/or VPC studies are to be submitted directly to the VCAA permissions inbox.

Catholic schools

Before commencing their application, Catholic schools must contact their respective Diocese who will support schools to complete their application.

Victorian Catholic Education Authority (VCEA) will submit applications on behalf of the school to the VCAA. Their email address is:

Independent schools

Independent schools must submit evidence for permission to deliver the VCE and/or the VPC as part of their registration process to the VRQA.

For information on registration, visit the VRQA.

Key dates

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