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Notice 127 2019

Notice to Schools 127/2019 – 23 October 2019

Finalising 2019 student personal details, addresses and consents

Principals/Directors, VASS administrators and VCE, VCAL and VET coordinators

In 2019 the VCAA has taken steps to ensure schools receive students' VCE and VCAL certificates to align with final release of results.

In order to meet this milestone, schools must finalise student personal details by Friday 15 November 2019 (not Friday 29 November 2019, as previously advised).

Any personal details changes and notification of students with long names are required to be included in the final release of results and, therefore, must be actioned on VASS before Friday 15 November 2019.

Amendments to student email and postal addresses, and to student consents must also be actioned by this date. This is important for Year 12 students or any students undertaking a VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3 and 4 study, as well as Year 10 students without programs.

Student addresses and personal details

It is vital for amendments to student addresses and personal details to be recorded on VASS by Friday 15 November 2019, as final results will be sent to students at these addresses.

After this date, VASS will not accept amendments, including consent for the release of information. If a student's details change after this date, they should be advised to arrange for their mail to be redirected to their new address.

Schools should conduct a final check of student postal addresses to ensure Australia Post standards are met, and amend as necessary on VASS.

Student postal address details must be entered in full, including the apartment, flat, unit, house or property number. When entering student addresses that are longer than the available character length, abbreviate in the most meaningful way possible.

Note that a list of student names and addresses can be produced using the VASS menu 'Student Admin > Other Student Reports > Personal Details Summary' and select 'Yes' for 'Include Address'. To check email addresses, go to 'Student Admin > Export Student Details' and follow the instructions in the Help document for that screen.

Students with long names

Schools that have students with names that are too long to be stored on VASS are required to advise Student Records and Results:

These students will be flagged on the database. Schools can confirm this by producing a report using the VASS menu 'Student Admin > Other Student Reports > Alternative format names registered'.

Student consents

The report 'Student Admin > Student Consents > Results Not to be Released' displays a list of students who have one or more of their consent flags set to ‘No’. It is important to check this report.

Students who have the 'Consent for Media Release' flag set to ‘No’ will not have their names published in newspapers if they obtain a study score of 40 or greater.

Students who obtain a study score of 46 or above are eligible for consideration for the Premier’s VCE Awards, provided the 'Consent for Awards Processing' flag has been set to ‘Yes’ before Friday 15 November 2019.

The Student Personal Details forms display each student’s choice from the previous year in the 'Office use' line for Sections D and E. Students are required to complete these forms annually and indicate their consent to Sections D and E by signing those sections. If students do not indicate their consent by not signing a section, any current information on VASS must be checked and, where appropriate, changed.

Student consents can be changed in bulk: 'Student Admin > Student Consents > Change Student Consents'.

2020 Student Personal Details forms

Schools are reminded that Student Personal Details forms must be signed by students in 2020, not the year before enrolment.

Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure:

  • amendments to student postal and email addresses, personal details and consents are actioned by Friday 15 November 2019
  • Student Personal Details forms for 2020 enrolments are signed by students in 2020, not the year before enrolment.

Critical dates

Friday 15 November 2019

Additional information

For enrolment and results queries, contact Student Records and Results: