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Notice 132 2019

Notice to Schools 132/2019 – 25 October 2019

Last day for VCE School-based Assessment results and School-assessed Task scores

Principals/Directors, VASS administrators and VCE, VCAL and VET coordinators

Wednesday 6 November 2019 is the last day that coursework results and School-assessed Task scores can be entered on VASS.

Please ensure that all scores are entered by this date. Extensions will not be possible due to extremely tight end-of-year processing deadlines.

VASS administrators should devise suitable internal procedures for entering and auditing scores, including a schedule that allows VCE teachers to submit their scores in sufficient time for checking before and after entry into VASS.

Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure that all remaining coursework results and School-assessed Task scores are entered by the due date.

Critical dates

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Additional information

Scores for School-based Assessment

Best practice supports checking all results before entry, as per the following example:

  1. VASS administrators distribute class lists to teachers for entry of School-based Assessment scores.
  2. Teachers return completed lists to VASS administrators for data entry.
  3. Class lists that include the entered School-based Assessment score are distributed to teachers for checking.
  4. Teachers check the results, make any changes and return signed class lists to VASS administrators.
  5. Any changes are entered into VASS.

The list of studies for which VCE coursework scores and School-assessed Task scores are required can be found on pages 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the 2019 Assessment Schedule on the VCAA website.

VCE School-based Assessment Input Sheets

Input Sheets should be produced for distribution to the appropriate teachers using the menu 'Results Admin > VCE Reports > School Scores > by Class':

  • Select ‘SIAR 8 Unit 4 SAT and SAC’
  • Select a Unit or leave as ‘ALL’
  • Select the appropriate Graded Assessment or leave as ‘ALL’
  • Select a Class Code or leave blank for all classes.

Home schools with students undertaking VCE Dance (DA03) with a private provider are required to enter the coursework scores for their students. To print the appropriate ‘input’, ‘summary’ and ‘missing results’ reports for VCE Dance students, the ‘Display Students Assessed Elsewhere’ flag should be set to ‘Yes’.

Refer to the Last day for School-based Assessment and School-assessed Task scores.

For VASS queries, contact VASS Operations: (03) 9032 1758 or 1800 623 681, fax (03) 9032 1591 or

For enrolments and results queries, contact Student Records and Results on (03) 9032 1756, 9032 1755 or 9032 1754, fax (03) 9032 1591 or