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Notice 146 2019

Notice to Schools 146/2019 – 20 November 2019

2020 Special Examination Arrangements Online applications

Principals/Directors and VCE Coordinators   

Students with an illness or disability may require Special Examination Arrangements to access and complete the General Achievement Test (GAT) and/or VCE examinations.

In 2020 schools can submit applications for Special Examination Arrangements using the VCAA’s Special Provision Online system, which will be available from February 2020.

For students with long-term conditions, schools are asked to start collating the required supporting evidence to upload as part of an online application in early 2020.

The following documents are available on VASS from the SYSTEM ADMIN  Downloads menu to assist schools with collecting and providing the necessary evidence:

  • Special Provision – 2020 evidence checklist
  • Special Provision – 2020 Health Professional statement (this may be given to the student to forward to their treating specialist or health professional to complete and then submitted with the application)*
  • Special Provision – 2020 School-based Evidence form
  • Special Provision – 2020 Essay 1–3 topics and cover sheets (please ensure essay topics are kept confidential).

Training sessions will be run as part of the 2020 VCE briefings and Workshops program, with additional training sessions planned.

Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure VCE Coordinators are aware of the requirements for submitting Special Examination Arrangements applications in 2020.

Critical dates

  • Friday 27 March 2020 – closing date for Special Examination Arrangements applications for the GAT and VCE external assessments

Additional information

Further information about eligibility, evidence requirements and applying for Special Examination Arrangements can found on the VCAA website, with any changes in policy and procedure updated in time for the commencement of the 2020 academic year.

Please note the following changes to evidence requirements in 2020:

  •  Applications made on the basis of a Language Disorder must also include a completed Progressive Achievement Test in Reading (PAT-R). The VCAA will accept results from Comprehension Booklet 10 (fourth edition, 2008).
  •  All applications that request extra working time and/or assistive technology for any mathematics examination must include:
    • examples of mathematics-specific school-based assessments completed by the student  
    • a statement from the student’s mathematics teacher(s), detailing the student’s difficulties in class and during assessments.

Schools must ensure the required current medical or other specialist reports are submitted with the completed application.

For further information, contact VCAA Special Provision: (03) 9225 2219, 1800 205 455 or