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Notice 59 2019

Notice to Schools 59/2019 − 19 June 2019

Evaluation of VCE Algorithmics (HESS): Online monitoring questionnaires and focus group

Principals/Directors, VCE Algorithmics (HESS) teachers, students and interested stakeholders

The VCAA is monitoring the implementation of VCE Algorithmics (HESS – Higher Education Scored Study)in schools and is collecting data to inform the evaluation process.

Monitoring questionnaires

You are invited to provide feedback on the current VCE Algorithmics (HESS) Study Design (pdf - 879.73kb) via online questionnaires – one questionnaire specifically for students and another for teachers and stakeholders. The questionnaires can be accessed via the Algorithmics (HESS) webpage.

Focus group

Practising teachers are invited to register interest in attending a focus group at 4.30–6.30pm Thursday 8 August 2019 by completing the online registration form available on the Algorithmics (HESS) webpage.

Registrations will close one week before the date of the focus group. Registered participants will receive additional information about the session via email closer to the time.


Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure that this information is distributed to the relevant staff, students and stakeholders.

Critical dates

Friday 2 August 2019 – close of monitoring questionnaires

Thursday 1 August 2019 – close of registrations for focus group

Thursday 8 August 2019 – focus group 

Additional information

For enquiries, contact Phil Feain, Curriculum Manager, Digital Technologies: (03) 9032 1724 or