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Notice 164

Notice to Schools 164/2020 – 4 November 2020

VCAL and VET results and VET unspecified credit applications

Principals/Directors, VCAL and VET Coordinators and VASS Administrators

Schools are urged to have all VCAL results entered on VASS as soon as they are finalised. This is especially relevant for units completed in Semester 1. Any completed VET units of competency results should also be entered on VASS as soon as they are known.

If eligibility reports are run following entry of all known results, a clearer picture of VET requirements will be known. This information is used as the basis of a VET unspecified credit application. The applications are unable to be processed without this information.

The VCAA will run a satisfactory completion report for all VCE and VCAL students each Wednesday (commencing 21 October) until 23 November.

Schools should check the VASS Student Program, VCE Reports or VCAL Reports function to identify each student who is in their final year of school and who may be at risk of not completing the VCE or VCAL this year.

Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure that results for VCAL and VET are entered on VASS as soon as they are known by the school.

Critical dates

Monday 23 November – VET Unspecified Credit applications close

Additional information

VCAL Consideration of Educational Disadvantage and VET unspecified credit guidelines and the application form are available as VASS downloads.