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Notice 187

Notice to Schools 187/2020 – 9 December 2020

Amendment to the VCE Systems Engineering study design

Principals/Directors, VCE Coordinators and Teachers of VCE Systems Engineering

The following amendment has been made to the VCE Systems Engineering study design, effective immediately.

The ‘NAND’ logic gate diagram in the cross-study specifications on page 13 of the study design has been updated.

For Unit 3 and 4, students do not need to know logic gates, but will need to demonstrate an understanding of logic statements as they are applied and utilised in coding. Students also need to know the commonly used symbolic representation of the electrotechnological components as listed in the key knowledge sections of the study design.

The amended study design is now available on the VCE Systems Engineering study webpage.

Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure that teachers of VCE Systems Engineering use the updated study design.

Critical dates


Additional information

For more information, contact Leanne Compton, Curriculum Manager – VCE Systems Engineering: (03) 9059 5145 or