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Notice 54 2020

Notice to Schools 54/2020 – 6 May 2020

2020 School-based Assessment Audit – Unit 3

Principals/Directors, VCE Coordinators and VCE teachers

Schools will be notified of the outcome of their Unit 3 School-based Assessment Audit on Monday 11 May. The outcomes of the audit will be available on the following screen in VASS: School Program > VCE > School-based Assessment Audit.

For each study audited, schools will also be provided with an Audit Report containing feedback on the school’s audit submission. The Audit Report can be downloaded from VASS Downloads by searching the word ‘AUDIT’.

Schools that have been found to be meeting VCAA assessment standards and requirements are not required to take any further action.

Schools that have not yet submitted enough evidence to show that VCAA assessment standards and requirements are being met may either:

  • elect to be contacted by the VCAA Curriculum Manager to discuss the planned assessment for the remainder of Unit 3 and submit any further evidence as requested by the Curriculum Manager
  • withdraw their audit submission for the relevant VCE study and defer the audit to a future date, to be advised by the VCAA. Schools that indicate they wish to defer the audit will not be recorded as non-compliant in relation to the 2020 Unit 3 audit process.

The Audit Report will include a link to an online form, where schools must state their intention either to continue with the 2020 Unit 3 audit process, including submitting any further evidence as discussed with the Curriculum Manager; or to withdraw their 2020 Unit 3 audit submission and defer the audit to a future date.

Action required

Principals and Directors should ensure:

  • that VCE Coordinators and VCE teachers are made aware of this notice
  • where applicable, that the online form to indicate whether the school intends to proceed with the remainder of the current Unit 3 audit process or defer the audit to a future date is completed no later than Friday 29 May.

Critical dates

  • Monday 11 May – outcome of Unit 3 audit questionnaire delivered
  • Friday 29 May – deadline for completion of online form to indicate deferral or arrange discussion with Curriculum Manager about further evidence requirements
  • Monday 20 July – outcome of Unit 3 further evidence delivered

Additional information

Key dates for the Unit 4 audit are currently under review and will be provided to schools as soon as possible.