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Notice 91 2020

Notice to Schools 91/2020 – 15 July 2020

Reminder: VCE Adjusted Study Designs for 2020 only

Principals/Directors, VCE Coordinators and VCE teachers

This is a reminder that the VCAA undertook a review of the Unit 4 component of every study design, with a focus on reducing School-based Assessment tasks, where possible, to relieve some pressure on students due to the move to remote and flexible learning arrangements during 2020 in response to COVID-19. The adjustments were achieved by different means for each study design because each course has its own particular design characteristics.

Teachers are reminded that it is an imperative that they use the published VCE Adjusted Study Designs for the remainder of 2020.

Within each VCE Adjusted Study Design, deletions are in red-coloured text and strike through, while changes are in blue coloured text and highlighted.

Access to the VCE Adjusted Study Designs for 2020 is available on the VCE Study Design webpage.

Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure that VCE teachers are using the VCE Adjusted Study Designs for 2020.

Critical dates


Additional information

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