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Notice 113 2021

Notice to Schools 113/2021 – 26 August 2021

Additional resources for VCE written examinations

Principals/directors, VCE coordinators, VCE teachers and VASS administrators

This year, the 2019 VCE written examinations will be made available again on the Insight Assessment platform. Written Examinations across 74 studies and the 2019 and 2020 GAT will be available. Written examinations from 2020 will not be available on the platform due to the changes to study designs in 2020.

The Insight Assessment platform is a web-based application that enables assessments to be delivered to students online.

The Insight Assessment platform will support teacher access to the 2019 VCE written examinations through:

  • a clear and accessible registration process
  • automated assessment of multiple-choice sections of examination papers, enabling immediate feedback
  • immediate access to student short- and extended-answer questions to provide timely, informed feedback
  • provision of the 2019 aural component for a defined set of languages
  • the experience of answering short and extended responses that can be marked by the classroom teacher.

This year, to support the use of the 2019 written examinations on the Insight Assessment platform, we will:

  • provide access for all schools and providers with a user guide
  • support schools in their use of the platform.

Action required

Principals/directors should make sure VCE coordinators and VCE teachers are aware that most of the 2019 VCE written examinations will be available on the Insight Assessment platform from 1 September 2021.

Critical dates

1 September 2021

Additional information

More detailed information about past examinations, including, access to the portal, user guides and the list of available examinations can be found on the VCAA website.