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Notice 12 2021

Notice to Schools 12/2021 – 10 February 2021

2022 text Lists for VCE English and English as an Additional Language (EAL) and VCE Literature

Principals/Directors, VCE Coordinators and Teachers of VCE English, EAL and Literature

The 2022 VCE English and EAL and VCE Literature texts lists are now available on the  VCE English and EAL and  VCE Literature study webpages.

Please note: the decision to extend the 2020 texts lists by 12 months to be the approved text lists for study in 2020 and 2021 – in response to the disruptions faced in 2020 – extends to the number of years texts are identified as being on each list. Only one year has been added from the 2020–2021 lists to the 2022 lists.

Action required

Principals/Directors should ensure that VCE Coordinators and teachers of VCE English, VCE EAL and VCE Literature are aware the 2022 text lists are now published on the VCAA website, and that only one year has been added to each text between the 2020–2021 and the 2022 lists.

Critical dates


Additional information

For more information, contact Annelise Balsamo, Curriculum Manager - English: (03) 9059 5141 or