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Notice 124 2021

Notice to Schools 124/2021 – 10 September 2021

2021 VCE Examination Centres, Special Examination Arrangements, Derived Examination Score and Irregularity application closing dates

Principals/directors, VCE coordinators and VASS administrators

Student Examination/Assessment Timetables and Special Examination Arrangements Advice Slips for the 2021 VCE examinations are available on VASS. Read the advice provided in the VASS Guide (pdf - 312.13kb) before producing and distributing individual timetables and advice slips.

Specific closing dates (pdf - 299.62kb) for submitting a Derived Examination Score (DES) application for each student’s VCE examinations are listed at the end of the Student Examination/Assessment Timetable report for individual students.

Schools can submit an Irregularity application where an event has occurred and the principal (or principal’s delegate) considers that, despite any remedial action taken, the performance of a student (or group of students) may have been materially adversely affected. The VCAA must receive an Irregularity application no later than seven days after the relevant examination. Application forms can be downloaded from VASS.

Action required

Principals/directors, please make sure:

  • Student Examination/Assessment Timetables are produced and distributed to students
  • Special Examination Arrangements Advice Slips are produced and distributed to students, chief supervisors and school personnel responsible for the administration and conduct of VCE written examinations. Discussions must also take place between school personnel, chief supervisors, students and any approved clarifiers, readers, interpreters or scribes. It is essential that all parties have a common understanding of how these arrangements will be implemented
  • relevant school personnel are made aware of the closing dates for DES applications and an Irregularity application

Critical dates


Additional information

For queries, please email or call as follows:

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