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Notice 126 2021

Notice to Schools 126/2021 – 10 September 2021

Training for conducting and administering the 2021 VCE written examinations

Principals/directors and VCE examination centre coordinators

All newly appointed chief supervisors and newly appointed school personnel responsible for the conduct of VCE written examinations must attend training before starting their role.

New chief supervisors responsible for the conduct and administration of the 2021 VCE written examinations, and who did not attend a training session in May, must attend one of the October training sessions.

School personnel responsible for the conduct and administration of the 2021 VCE written examinations, and who are new to the role, should also attend a training session, even if their school has an ongoing experienced chief supervisor.

Schools should also consider their succession and emergency planning procedures by encouraging a current assistant supervisor to attend a training session.

Training sessions will be held online using Webex Events. 

Register for a training session through the critical dates below. Please read the Collection Notice before registering.

Action required

Principals/directors, please:

  • make sure new chief supervisors appointed after the 2021 GAT are registered to attend a training session before the day of the session
  • make sure school personnel who are responsible for the conduct and administration of VCE external assessments, and who are new to this role, attend a training session
  • consider sending an assistant supervisor to a training session to assist with succession and emergency planning

Critical dates

Additional information

Wherever possible, supervisors are encouraged to attend the school to complete the training, as the VCAA is unable to provide technical support.

Morning sessions will commence at 9.30am and finish before 1.30pm and afternoon sessions will commence at 1.30pm and finish before 5pm. New chief supervisors and assistant supervisors will be paid to attend training.

The payment will be included in the amount sent to schools for supervision of the VCE written examinations.

School personnel experienced in the conduct and administration of VCE external assessment are encouraged to also attend a training session.

For enquires, please email Susan Meadows.


In order to streamline the registration process, please register using your 'education' or 'edumail' email address if you have one. If you register using a personal email address, such as Gmail, your registration will not be approved immediately. It will be approved once your registration details are verified.

When your registration is approved, you will be emailed a link to join the training. Please register before your preferred training day.

Before the training day, please make sure that your system is set up for the webinar. To check if your computer can run the necessary software, go to Webex. We do not recommend joining from a mobile device as you will not be able to access all the features of the training.