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Notice 63 2021

Notice to Schools 63/2021 – 6 May 2021

NAPLAN Year 9 Certificates of Achievement

Principals/directors, NAPLAN schools and NAPLAN coordinators

NAPLAN Certificates of Achievement are being introduced for Year 9 students in 2021.

The certificates recognise Victoria’s Year 9 students who achieve a result in Reading and/or Numeracy that places them in the very top band of NAPLAN, as well as those students who significantly improve on their Year 7 results.

The certificates will be awarded for two categories of achievement:

  • Category one: the achievement of excellence through getting a result in the top band for reading or numeracy, or both.
  • Category two: the achievement of outstanding learning growth through improvement by two or more bands between the NAPLAN Year 7 and Year 9 tests for reading or numeracy, or both.

The new certificates celebrate those who achieve the highest level and those who excel by making exceptional progress, irrespective of where they start.

The Certificates of Achievement will be jointly signed by the Minister for Education and VCAA CEO and their introduction aims to motivate students to bring their best efforts to the NAPLAN assessments.

Action required

Principals/directors and NAPLAN coordinators, please inform all NAPLAN students that NAPLAN Certificates of Achievement for Year 9 students are being introduced in 2021.

Critical dates

Tuesday 11 May to Friday 21 May – 2021 NAPLAN test window

Additional information

If you have queries about any aspect of NAPLAN, contact the NAPLAN Helpdesk: 1800 648 637.