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Notice to Schools 166 –
1 November 2023

Premier’s VCE Awards 2023 to incorporate outstanding VCE Vocational Major Student Awards

Principals/directors and VCE Vocational Major coordinators and teachers

The annual Premier’s VCE Awards celebrate outstanding student achievements. For the first time, the 2024 ceremony will include the first group of VCE Vocational Major students completing the certificate in 2023.

The VCE Vocational Major (VM), a vocational and applied learning program within the VCE, was introduced in 2023. Next year will be the first time vocational and applied learning students will be acknowledged at the Premier’s VCE Awards, following the introduction of the VCE Vocational Major within the VCE this year.

The inclusion will ensure Victoria continues to recognise the accomplishments of exceptional vocational and applied learning students, as it has previously done through the VCAL Achievement Awards, which were held for the final time in May 2023.

During 2024, school leaders will be invited to help develop the new approach to awards across Victoria as we move to the fully integrated VCE and the Victorian Pathways Certificate.

Nominations open for Outstanding VCE VM Student Awards

Nominations are now open for Outstanding VCE VM Student Awards – an exciting new award category within the Premier’s VCE Awards. These awards will recognise the achievements of high-performing young people who complete the VCE VM in 2023.

Six outstanding VCE VM Student Awards will be conferred at the 2023 Premier’s VCE Awards, in addition to the existing categories of Top All-Round VCE High Achiever, Top Three International Students and Study Awards.

Suitable candidates for awards in this category will complete the VCE VM in 2023, having:

  • demonstrated excellence in their VCE VM program
  • shown growth in their demonstration of employability skills
  • meaningfully explored and pursued their pathway options
  • made a positive impact within their community.


Principals/directors, please share this information with VCE Vocational Major coordinators and teachers

Critical dates

Monday 11 December (midnight) – nominations close

More information

For more information about the Outstanding VCE VM Student Awards in the 2023 Premier’s VCE Awards or to nominate a student, visit Premier’s VCE Awards.

Please direct enquiries to the VCAA's Applied Learning Unit.