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FAQs about School-based Assessment Audits

Why has my school been selected for audit?

All schools are audited for at least one VCE study each year (maximum of four studies per school) and all VCE studies are subject to the audit.

What are the steps I now need to take?

VASS Administrators: Please notify the relevant teacher/s and VCE Coordinator/s of the VCE study/ies selected for audit. Run the detailed report on VASS for instructions on what to do next.

We have not received a notification email about the audit. What should we do?

VASS contains the list of studies required for audit. Run the detailed report on VASS for instructions on what to do next. The notification email has been sent to the ‘school contact’ email listed on VASS. If this email address is no longer valid, please update your records on VASS and advise the VCE Curriculum Unit by email:

We are not offering the VCE study/ies selected for audit. What should we do?

This means that this study has been selected in VASS as a study your school is offering. Please remove this study from VASS. If there is any uncertainty about how this is done, please contact VASS Support on 1800 623 681. Once the study has been removed, email the VCE Curriculum Unit to inform them that you are not offering the study selected for audit:

Please find the steps for removing a study below:

  1. Select SCHOOL PROGRAM > VCE > Select units to be offered.
  2. Click [Remove Units]
  3. Click the check box next to the units you are not actually offering.
  4. Click [Remove] and follow the prompts.

I have received a notification email about the audit. Who should I send it to?

Forward the email to the relevant teacher/s of the VCE study/ies selected for audit and the VCE Coordinator/s.

We are in a partnership with another school for this study. Who completes the audit?

Please collaborate with the school/VCE provider you are in a partnership with and complete a combined response to the School-based Assessment Audit. There is an opportunity within the questionnaire to provide the name of the school you are in a partnership with.

We are offering this subject only for VCAL students. What should we do?

Still proceed with the School-based Assessment Audit as per the usual processes. A VCAL student will still undertake School-assessed Coursework to satisfy the requirements of the outcome (as per the VCE study design).

We have multiple teachers of the study selected for audit. Do we send more than one response?

No, only one response will be accepted to the audit from each school. If there are multiple teachers of the same study at your school, a collaborative response will need to be submitted.

When will we be notified of the outcomes of the audit?

The dates of the School-based Assessment Audit are published annually in the VCAA Important Administrative Dates.

I have completed the online audit or submitted my further evidence as requested. Why hasn’t the status of my study been updated in VASS?

VASS statuses are manually updated. While we endeavour to have statuses updated within one business day, during peak periods please be patient as it may take up to three days for the change to appear.

Our students are undertaking this VCE study at another school. What should we do?

If your school/VCE provider is not assessing the students, please notify the VCAA via email:

We are an offshore VCE provider. Who completes the School-based Assessment Audit?

Where an offshore school is being audited, the classroom teacher/s at the offshore provider collaborates with the Victorian partner school when completing the audit submission.