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Instructions for completing
Unit 3 Audit Questionnaires

Important information

Please read these instructions before you commence the audit questionnaire.


If there is more than one person teaching Units 3 and 4 of this study, please make sure this audit is a combined response. Only one response will be considered from each school.

The audit is conducted early to allow for early intervention (if required). The VCAA therefore understands that not all information provided will be final. Please answer each question based on the best current information.

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers to complete the audit.

Time required to complete

  • It may take between one and three hours to complete the online study-specific audit questionnaire.
  • The collection of information in preparation to complete the online study-specific audit questionnaire may take between three and six hours.


PDF available:

  • This audit must be completed online.
  • A PDF document of the questionnaire is available for reference purposes. The PDF should be printed out and used to assist in preparing the answers to this audit. Please note that the PDF shows every question contained in the questionnaire. However, the online version of the questionnaire contains in-built logic, which means that based on your selections, some questions will not appear. Please pay attention to the red text in the PDF, which will indicate if and where questions will be skipped based on your responses.
  • The PDF is available through VASS downloads – search the keyword ‘AUDIT’. If your VASS Administrator is unavailable, please email to obtain a copy.
  • It is recommended that answers are prepared in advance using a text editor such as Microsoft Word. Answers can then be copied and pasted into the online questionnaire from the text document. Please note that only text, bullet points and numbered lists can be pasted into input boxes. Tables and images cannot be pasted into input boxes.

Download instructions on how to use navigation on the online audit questionnaire (docx - 306.36kb).