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Student numbers

A student may have one or more of the following identifying numbers VCAA Student Number, Victorian Student Number and/or Unique Student Identifier.

The Victorian Student Number

The Victorian Student Number (VSN) is issued when the student is first enrolled in a Victorian educational provider which is usually when they start in Prep, and remains current until the student turns 25 years.

The provider applies for the VSN on the student’s behalf. VSNs are issued to all students enrolled in primary and secondary schools (Government, Catholic and Independent) and to students enrolled at a TAFE or in a funded and/or accredited VET course at a Registered Training Organisation.

VSNs are nine-digit numbers that are similar to a tax file number, for example, 982567013.

Obtaining a copy of your Victorian Student Number

Contact your current school for a copy of your VSN because they can verify your identity more quickly then we can. If you have left school, you may obtain a copy of your VSN by emailing the Victorian Student Number operations team. You will need to attach a photo or a scanned copy of your legal photo identification, such as a passport, driver’s license or learner’s permit. In the text of your email state your full name, date of birth and the name of the school you last attended.

Note: Selfies are not accepted as proof of identification.

If you are applying for a VSN on behalf of your child/children you will be required to supply legal photo identification (as above) for both yourself and your child/children.









The VCAA Student Number

A VCAA Student Number is assigned the first time a student is enrolled on VASS. It is an eight-digit number with a check letter, for example, 12345678A. The educational provider applies for the VCAA Student Number on the student’s behalf.

The first two digits represent the year the student’s details were first entered into VASS.

The VCAA Student Number is printed on exam papers and is used by VTAC as a linkage key when calculating an ATAR.

To obtain your VCAA Student Number please contact your school.

Unique Student Identifier

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a Federal Government identifier, issued and managed by a taskforce in Canberra.

Unlike the VCAA Student Number and the VSN, students must log into the USI website to create their own USI.

The USI is a reference number with 10 letters and numbers that is used to create an online record of a student’s recognised Australian training and qualifications.

Students are required to have a USI before they can receive their qualification or statement of attainment.

Visit USI helpline.