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Section 7 – Assessment: Satisfactory completion of units

Assessment: Satisfactory completion of units

1 Satisfactory completion of VCE units

For satisfactory completion of a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) unit, students must demonstrate their achievement of the set of outcomes as specified in the study design. The decision about satisfactory completion of outcomes is based on the teacher’s judgment of the student’s overall performance on a combination of set work and assessment tools related to the outcomes. Students should be provided with multiple opportunities to develop and demonstrate the key knowledge and key skills required for the outcomes for the unit.

The decision to award an S for satisfactory completion of a unit is separate from the assessment of levels of achievement for study score calculation. VCE unit results (S or N) contribute to satisfactory completion of the certificate.

Final School-based Assessment scores contribute to the calculation of a study score. Where the assessment item developed combines the demonstration of outcomes (S or N) and levels of achievement (scored assessment), best practice would support students who did not meet the outcome through the completion of the assessment item being afforded additional opportunities to demonstrate the outcome. For example, a teacher may consider work previously submitted, provided it meets the requirements. Students may not resubmit work to improve a School-based Assessment score.

1.1 Satisfactory VCE unit result

The student will receive an S (satisfactory) for a unit if the teacher determines that the student has:

  • produced work that demonstrates achievement of the outcomes
  • submitted work that is clearly their own.

Decisions about satisfactory completion of a unit are solely the responsibility of the school. Results for each unit must be based on a judgment of satisfactory or non-satisfactory achievement of outcomes.

At the beginning of the academic year, schools must provide students with clear written details of both the VCAA rules and the school’s rules and procedures. For all units in the VCE, schools must specify the work that a student must do to achieve an S for a unit and the conditions under which the work is to be done. More details are provided in 4.5 Integrity of VCE School-based Assessments in the Administrative information: Schools and providers section.

1.2 Not satisfactory VCE unit result

The student will receive an N (not satisfactory) for the unit when one or more of the following occurs:

  • the work does not demonstrate achievement of the outcomes
  • the student has failed to meet a school deadline for the assessment task, including if an extension of time has been granted for any reason, including Special Provision
  • the work cannot be authenticated, for example through lack of attendance
  • there has been a substantial breach of VCAA rules and the school’s rules and procedures.

1.3 Redeeming outcomes – submitting further evidence for satisfactory completion

If, in the judgment of the teacher, work submitted by a student does not meet the required standard for satisfactory completion, the teacher may consider other work relating to outcomes undertaken and submitted by the student for the unit. This work may include class work, homework, additional tasks or discussions with the student that demonstrate their achievement of the outcome. The school may decide to delay the decision about satisfactory completion to allow a student to complete or submit further work.

A student may only submit further evidence, or resubmit a School-based Assessment for reconsideration, to redeem an S for the outcome. Students may not resubmit to improve a School-based Assessment score.

1.4 VCE unit result of J

If a student is no longer attending a unit but they have not officially withdrawn by signing a Student Exit form, the symbol J will be included on VASS.

The J result can only be used if the student:

  • is no longer attending class
  • has not submitted work for assessment.

The J result is recorded on the VCAA database, but is not reported on the student’s Statement of Results. Units with a J result are made available to the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) and are treated as equivalent to those with an N result.

1.5 Lost, stolen or damaged work

If a teacher or student has lost work or had work stolen or damaged, they must make a written statement explaining the circumstances. The statement must be signed, dated and filed at the school. Schools must keep a record of the loss or damage, but should not report it to the VCAA. The principal, acting on advice from the teacher, and on the basis of records kept, shall determine the unit result for the student.

1.6 Care in the use of technology

A student who uses technology to produce work for assessment is responsible for ensuring that:

  • there is an alternative system available for producing assessable work in case of malfunction or unavailability
  • hard copies of the work in progress and back-up versions are produced regularly.

2 Satisfactory completion of VCAL units

2.1 Satisfactory VCAL unit result

A student will receive an S (satisfactory achievement) for all Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) units when they have demonstrated achievement in all learning outcomes for the VCAL unit.

All VCAL assessment activities should be assessed by the teacher to verify their successful completion. The elements in the VCAL curriculum documents further describe the learning outcomes and are intended as a guide for teachers in the design of assessment tasks to ensure consistency in how learning outcomes are interpreted and assessed.

To be credited with satisfactory unit results, students must demonstrate achievement in all learning outcomes in that unit.

The curriculum components in a VCAL learning program must be assessed in accordance with the requirements and guidelines outlined in the curriculum documents for the VCAL units.

The VCAL provider coordinates the assessment and collection of results for all curriculum components within the VCAL learning program. Students will receive an S or N (not yet completed) result for each VCAL unit.

Teachers assessing students who have particular needs must maintain the validity and reliability of assessment. Flexible assessment methods should be used to allow students to demonstrate the successful completion of learning outcomes without disadvantage.

Teachers should use a variety of assessment tasks that provide a range of opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement of each learning outcome. Students should be observed on more than one occasion and, wherever possible, in a range of contexts to make sure the assessment is consistent, reliable, fair and equitable.

For VCE units included in the VCAL learning program, assessment must be in accordance with the VCE study designs.

2.2 Recording of VCAL learning outcomes

VCAL providers who record an N for a VCAL unit can record an S for individual unit learning outcomes that have been achieved (existing credit). Access the entry screen for the recording of individual learning outcomes via: VASS > Results Admin > VCAL Results Entry > Unit.

Providers can also produce a number of relevant reports:

  • Results Admin > Unit results > by class
  • Results Admin > Unit results > by student.

VCAL students with existing credit will be required to complete only the outstanding VCAL unit learning outcomes that were not achieved, to record an S for the unit. There is a two-year period for recognition of individual VCAL learning outcomes. This will assist VCAL students who have interruptions to their studies, including students who:

  • have a significant illness
  • have significant personal hardship
  • are returning to VCAL after changes to their career pathway (for example, a student has left VCAL to take up employment, but then lost their job)
  • have other interruptions to their study (for example, a student has become disengaged and left school)
  • have taken a long time to achieve their VCAL.

Recognition of existing credit is not intended for students who have participated in activities of personal interest that led to their exit from the original educational program.

3 Satisfactory completion of VET units

3.1 Satisfactory VET unit of competency result

Students will receive an S for a unit of competency if they have been assessed as competent for the unit. The final assessment decision is made by their registered training organisation (RTO).

Satisfactory completion of VCE VET units is calculated automatically as students satisfactorily complete units of competency. Most VCE VET programs consist of four VCE VET units containing one Unit 3–4 sequence. The exceptions are for some Certificate II qualifications where the credit is only at Units 1 and 2 level and some larger Certificate III qualifications, which may provide two Units 3–4 sequences.

Not yet competent VET unit of competency result

Students will receive an NYC (not yet competent) result for a unit of competency if they have not yet demonstrated competence. This may be as a consequence of not completing the unit or not being able to demonstrate competence as required by the unit of competency. If a student has not satisfied sufficient units of competency to the nominated hour value to be awarded satisfactory completion of a VCE VET unit, the result will be left blank.