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The DAL provides a comprehensive suite of assessments that allow teachers to understand student learning, both generally and in regards to specific areas of the curriculum. There are over 270 assessments available on the DAL, supporting quality teaching and classroom practice. There are three broad categories of assessments available on the DAL:

This table describes the different assessment types found on the DAL.
Achievement LevelThe achievement level assessments are the broadest, covering content from across the curriculum to give an indication of the student’s relative placement within that level.

Strand and sub-strand assessments are targeted to specific aspects of the curriculum (for example, for Mathematics: Number and Algebra).

For particular learning areas, skills assessments contain a collection of related aspects of the curriculum, which may cross strands and/or sub-strands (for example, for English: Language Skills)

FocusFocus assessments provide detailed information about students’ learning, within a relatively narrow (or singular) aspect of the curriculum.

Our DAL Sample Assessment will provide you with an introduction to some of the types of questions that are contained in the assessments and highlights links to the Victorian F-10 Curriculum.

Sample Assessment