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​Past VCE Examinations


In support of schools delivering remotely during the course of 2020, the VCAA is in the process of developing a new set of resources to assist teachers to prepare their students for external assessment.

The 2019 VCE Written Examinations will become progressively available on the Insight Assessment platform (Insight), commencing in September 2020. The Platform is a web-based application that enables assessments to be delivered to students online. Access to these examinations on the Platform will assist teachers and students to identify any real or perceived gaps in learning that can then be addressed as part of their examination preparation.

Examinations available as at Monday 7 September 2020: 

English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Development, Physical Education, Accounting, Food Studies, Religion and Society. 

To access Insight:

Please note: access will be available once a study you teach has been published. 

Insight VCE Educator portal

Username: Your five digit school code + teacher code (as per VASS) i.e. 01111AA

Password: VCE2019

Please contact your school's VASS administrator if you are unsure of your school code or teacher code.

VCE Coordinators

VCE Coordinators can be provided access to manage all VCE classes for your school. 

Email to be given access. 

Please include the following information in your request:

- your full name

- your school

- your school code

- your teacher code (or initials if you don't have one)


A number of webinars will be held throughout September to assist educators with the use of Insight.

Webinar 2 - 4pm Thursday 17 September 2020

Register for Insight Webinar 2 (An introduction to the platform) - Tuesday 8 – Monday 14 September 2020

Webinar 3 - 10am Wednesday 30 September 2020

Register for Insight Webinar 3 (An introduction to the platform) - Friday 18 – Friday 25 September 2020


The VCAA is eager to explore with schools and other education providers whether this additional resource is of value in preparing their students for external assessment. Schools and providers can provide their feedback via an online survey about:

  • whether this is a resource that schools will use
  • which 2019 written examinations are used more than others.


Frequently Asked Questions (docx - 26.22kb)

Webinar Presentation (pptx - 1.27mb) 

User guides for Government Schools

User guides for Non-government schools

If further support is required, please contact:


The Insight Assessment Platform (Insight) is an online assessment platform. The 2019 VCE Examinations are being made available to students through Insight to assist with your revision and preparation for the VCE Examinations.

A selection of the 2019 examinations are being incrementally released throughout September 2020 for access through Insight. PDF versions of the 2019 examinations continue to be available to students.

To access Insight:

Insight Student Portal

Username: VCAA Student Number

Password: VCAA Student Number

Your VCAA Student Number is a unique code consisting of 8 digits and 1 letter.

If you are unsure of your VCAA Student Number, please contact your school.

Examination Reports

Past examinations should be read in conjunction with the relevant examination report. Examination reports provide advice for teachers and students in relation to examinations. Some examination reports for written examinations contain some answers.


User guide (docx - 452.63kb)

User guide (pdf - 407.56kb)

Please contact your teacher for further support.