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Test administration

NAPLAN test delivery

The NAPLAN tests are administered on the Online National Assessment Platform (assessform), with the exception of Year 3 writing which remains as a paper-based test.

Students complete the tests via a secure Locked Down Browser (LDB) on a suitable device, (such as a computer or tablet). The LDB must be installed prior to testing as it prevents students from accessing the internet and other functionality (such as spelling and grammar checks).

The NAPLAN handbooks provide schools with instructions on how to administer the online tests on the platform. These include handbooks for principals, NAPLAN coordinators and test administrators. Schools must follow the national test protocols and test administration steps in the handbooks to ensure a standardised and fair testing experience for all students.

For 2024 delivery, schools should also refer to NAPLAN: Information kit for schools.

For Year 3 writing, schools will receive a test package containing all of the required test materials from Tuesday 27 February 2024.

NAPLAN Test Administration website

Before the delivery of the tests, schools are required to use the secure VCAA NAPLAN Test Administration website to complete a number of administrative tasks.

Schools will have access to this website from Monday 29 January 2024 to complete the following tasks:

  • complete a 'Statement of Compliance', review and edit school contact details, and confirm address details
  • register the names of staff for NAPLAN 2024 including staff who are authorised to take delivery of NAPLAN test materials
  • order tests in alternative formats, if required
  • complete student registration (independent schools only)
  • complete Technical Readiness Check
  • complete the NAPLAN Scheduler for NAPLAN 2024
  • apply for the use of disability adjustments requiring VCAA approval:
    • assistive technology and scribes
    • apply double extra time
    • apply for the use of a colour contrast
  • request extra materials, if required
  • generate exemption and withdrawal forms, if required

The NAPLAN Test Administration website will remain open through to the end of the NAPLAN test week in March 2024 and will re-open for schools to access student writing test images (during NAPLAN reporting).

Disability adjustments

Students with disability may require adjustments to allow them to participate in the NAPLAN tests. Disability adjustments are intended to enable access to the tests on an equivalent basis to students without disability. Adjustments are permitted for students with disability to support their access to the tests.

Adjustments for students with disability for NAPLAN should be determined on a case-by-case basis by the school together with the parent/carer and the student.

A list of possible adjustments that may be provided for NAPLAN is included in the National Protocols for Test Administration in the Handbook for Principals and NAPLAN Coordinators.

The ACARA website contains further information on accessibility for students with disability, including a comprehensive series of scenarios and videos for possible adjustments to apply. The scenarios and videos are intended to help schools to determine the best approach for managing disability adjustments for their students.

The public demonstration website can also be used to test out the functionality and accessibility features of the platform.

Adjustments requiring VCAA approval

Schools must apply for adjustments requiring VCAA approval via the NAPLAN Test Administration website. Once approved, the VCAA will update student records on the Online National Assessment Platform (assessform) and these will be available for schools to review from Monday 4 March 2024.

School-approved adjustments

All other adjustments can be added by principals or NAPLAN coordinators directly to student records on the platform and will be automatically applied on test days (for example, a colour contrast adjustment).

We encourage all schools to engage staff and parents and carers with these resources to determine the best approach to support students with disability to participate in NAPLAN 2024.