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NAPLAN Online will deliver numerous benefits including:

  • upon completion of the online transition, reduced time between testing and reporting, increasing the ability of teachers to use the results to inform teaching practice;
  • 'tailored test' design that adapts to correct and incorrect student responses providing a more precise understanding of student ability;
  • innovative use of technology, including a more engaging test design and a wider range of item types;
  • the extension of the 'test window' to two weeks, allowing schools greater flexibility to schedule the tests at times that suit them best and increasing student participation.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has responsibility for the central management of NAPLAN and is leading the transition nationally.

The VCAA will facilitate the transition in Victoria, in collaboration with the Government, Catholic and Independent school sectors.

In order to undertake NAPLAN Online, schools will need an appropriate number of suitable devices for students and a network infrastructure in place to support them. A wide range of computing devices will be supported, including laptops and tablets.

Students will sit the Reading, Writing, Conventions of Language and Numeracy tests via the online platform, except for year 3 students who will continue to sit the year 3 Writing test on paper.

Additional information regarding NAPLAN Online (including test design and technical requirements) is available on the NAP website.

Schools transitioning in 2022

Schools in Victoria have been transitioning from NAPLAN paper tests to NAPLAN Online tests since 2018. In 2020 the transition of schools to NAPLAN Online in Victoria was put on hold due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the cancellation of 2020 NAPLAN testing, and the considerable disruptions to teaching and learning.

It is anticipated that all schools will complete NAPLAN Online in May 2022.

To transition schools to NAPLAN Online, we will conduct a program of school readiness activities. The program will commence in June 2021 and its completion is crucial in ensuring all schools are sufficiently prepared to deliver the tests online.

Key dates for NAPLAN Online transition   

NAPLAN Online TasksDates
Nominate key staff including a NAPLAN coordinator and nominations for training 16 June to 25 June 2021 **
Complete a Technical Readiness Check (TRC) and book a date for the School Readiness Test (SRT) #16 June to 30 July 2021 **
Receive the School Readiness Test Packages which will be distributed to schoolsFrom 21 June 2021
Register on the National Online platformFrom 14 July 2021
Complete mandatory webinar training session – this is a three-hour session that must be completed by the NAPLAN coordinator.26 July to 20 August 2021
Set-up technical requirementsTo be completed prior to SRT
Student Data available on the platform9 August 20021
Participate in the School Readiness Test (SRT) #23 August to 15 December 2021

** Activities to be completed via the NAPLAN Test Administration website.

# It is important for schools to book a specific date for completing the School Readiness Test so that adequate support can be provided by the VCAA. It is anticipated that schools will require approximately 3 hours to complete the required exercise. Some additional time will be required for administration set-up i.e. printing student session slips and applying disability adjustments before the SRT day. Schools should consider impacts on the school timetable when booking their preferred SRT date.

School Transition Checklist:


✓ Nominate staff (including nominations for training)

June - July

✓ Receive your SRT package

✓ Book your schools SRT date

✓ Complete the Technical Readiness Check (TRC) ^

July - August

✓ Register to the National Online Platform (the platform)

✓ Complete mandatory training

✓ Install Lock Down Browser (LDB) on student devices ^^

August to November

✓ Prepare pre-test administration task on the platform i.e. classes, disability adjustments and print student session slips

✓ Complete SRT at your school

^ The Technical Readiness Check will confirm that schools have the required number of devices, local network connectivity and internet bandwidth to administer NAPLAN Online. It is recommended that the TRC be completed by your nominated technical support officer. This information will help you plan for and administer NAPLAN Online. This tool is available through the NAPLAN Test Administration website.

^^ Schools will also need to install the appropriate Lock Down Browser (LDB) on each student device to be used for testing prior to the scheduled SRT event. For technical details and to obtain the latest versions of the LDB see Online National Assessment Platform - Overview.

Note: the technical readiness test tool on the platform does not need to be completed. School should use the TRC provided by the VCAA.

What needs to be completed on the day of the School Readiness Test day:

There are two tests available for the SRT: a writing test of 42 minutes duration and an omnibus test of 45 minutes duration with questions from the Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy test domains.

To complete the SRT for the purpose of assessing and confirming a school's ICT capacity, schools are required to administer at least two consecutive test sessions with:

  • different student groups in each test session
  • both the omnibus test and the writing test
  • your school's peak load, which is the anticipated number of students sitting for a 2022 NAPLAN Online test at any one time (the Technical Readiness Check will assist schools to determine their maximum student participation and peak load).

Further information and support

NAPLAN Online FAQs and transition advice from ACARA: ACARA NAP website

Community enquiries should be directed to your local school.

School service support is available during business hours on 1800 648 637 and via email to VCAA NAPLAN Help.